Cheese with respect for people, animals and nature


Organic certification
Since its founding in 1971, Bioland has become the largest growing association for organic farming in Germany. The farmers in the Bioland Association aligned their farming method with specific ecological principles. This so-called “organic-biological” method is based on investigations by the two scientists. Müller and dr. Rusch from the 30s of the last century.

The Bioland dressing products are based on the following seven principles:

1. operate in the cycle

2. Promote soil fertility

3. Keep animals in an appropriate manner

4. Generate valuable food

5. Promote biodiversity

6. preserve natural resources

7. Secure people a future worth living for

These principles stand for the kind of agriculture and food production that Bioland considers to be the most sustainable way to feed humanity, and the natural ones
To sustain livelihoods in the long term. These Bioland Principles are based on the cultivation, livestock and processing directives under which all Bioland members and Bioland partners work and are monitored for compliance, in addition to state bio-control.