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EU Organic

Organic checks are procedure- and process control, this means that the auditor checks the procedures of the production process and the flow of goods.  It’s inspected whether all relevant documents like recipes, supplier- and customer lists, worklists, invoices for incoming and outgoing goods, organic certificates of ingredients, ingredient lists and labels are present.  Duri…


Demeter is the certification for biodynamic agriculture and the resulting products. The Demeter Certification Guidelines go beyond EU organic certification. One could say that Demeter continues where EU organic stops. They demand, in addition to the abandonment of synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides or artificial additives in the processing, a targeted promotion of life proces…


Organic certificationSince its founding in 1971, Bioland has become the largest growing association for organic farming in Germany. The farmers in the Bioland Association aligned their farming method with specific ecological principles. This so-called “organic-biological” method is based on investigations by the two scientists. Müller and dr. Rusch from the 30s of the last century….


FSSC-22000 For more information, please visit the website from FSSC-22000.