Cheese with respect for people, animals and nature

Demeter Boerderij Ruimzicht

Gerjo & Annet Koskamp and Jara van Rooij

Demeter Farm Ruimzicht is a biologically dynamic dairy farm with a horticulture in Halle (Achterhoek). The mission of Demeter farm Ruimzicht is nature-inclusive farming and local entrepreneurship with attention to soil, plants, animals and people. For example, the calves stay with the cow in the family herd in which all ages merge, the cows can be found in the pasture almost all year round and the company is energy neutral. The farm products are
sold in the farm shop that is open on Friday and Saturday and on the Tuesday morning market in Doetinchem. Here they sell, among other things, Aurora’s cheese and also meat, vegetables and raw milk dairy products from their own company.

Furthermore, Boerderij Ruimzicht has a pleasant meeting room which makes it very suitable for
farm education, excursions and meetings. The farm is run by Gerjo, Annet and Jara. Gerjo and Jara take care of the livestock and Jara also manages the market and together with Annet also the farm shop.

Here you will find more information about Demeter farm Ruimzicht.

Address :
Bielemansdijk 11a
7025 CN Halle NL