Cheese with respect for people, animals and nature

Eko Boerderij Siemes

Wilfried and Margret Siemes

We hold on our farm MRIJ cows (Maas Rijn Ijsel). This breed is more muscular, which gives it good defenses. In addition, they have a calm character and give milk with a high protein content. We would like to feed our cows as much as possible – from March to December most of the day and also at night. It’s so nice to get the cows out of the pasture at sunrise. In addition to the grass, our cows also get barley, red and white clover, wheat and wild herbs. Several years ago, in cooperation with other dairy farmers and a technician, we built the Hagenwind wind farm and strive to increase the share of renewable energies, e.g. in the form of a solar system continue to expand.

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Droebertweg 4
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