Cheese with respect for people, animals and nature

Demeter boerderij Arink

Lianne and John Arink

Our company is a closed circuit. We have focused on this in recent years. We are proud that we have succeeded. We only feed our own feed and use all the crap within the farm. So the cycle closes and so we want to work. We have adapted the stables – there is enough space for our horned cows. All of these changes fit into the holistic picture we got over time. Human, animal and nature together form part of a larger whole.

The animals and plants on our farm still have instinctive features. Thus our calves still have a sucking reflex after birth, the cows have pronounced maternal characteristics, the ability to graze and show their herd behavior. In addition, a separate bull ensures greater diversity within our herd.

In the production of food, we want to create a continuous cycle through the use of natural aids. We try to ensure that no resources are exploited and thus protect the habitat, including drinking water.

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